MACHINING SERVICE: Fibox employs state-of-the-art machines to manufacture your custom-made enclosures with drills, knockouts or openings – even for small piece numbers.

ASSEMBLY SERVICE: Have you ordered hinges, inspection windows or other Fibox accessories? Do you know our assembly service can deliver your enclosure and accessories pre-assembled and ready for use. This cuts down your labour costs and time to delivery.

TOOL MODIFICATIONS FOR OEM ENCLOSURES: Instead of having to manufacture a whole new tool Fibox can modify our own standard tools according to your OEM enclosure specification. This results in a shorter product development time and enables you to take your product to market earlier. Modifications of our standard tools give you a possibility to differentiate your products form your competitors.

COLOURED ENCLOSURES : Paint your enclosures in your corporate colour. Fibox offers customers a choice of custom or RAL colour for plastic enclosures, even for relatively small quantities.

LACQUERED ENCLOSURES: Fibox provides a lacquer coating for your enclosures on request. This process is especially recommended for production quantities of under 500 pieces. We offer a comprehensive range of lacquer options.

EMC PROTECTION FOR ENCLOSURES: Fibox can provide your plastic enclosure with EMC protection if desired. For example we can apply a conductive copper coating to the inside faces, or utilising a special conductive gasket....or both.

PRINTED ENCLOSURES: Fibox can supply your enclosures with silk screen printing to your specification. Smooth, even surfaces are required.

Customized ARCA cabinet


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