My new torch is heating up when left on the Constant Light mode over a long period of time. Is something wrong with it?

Our new range of headlamps and torches have been created with the technological advantage of over 20 years of LED lighting experience.


We have engineered the latest products in our range of headlamps and torches using the very best LED technology in the world. Through technological advancement we have created a range of products with updates on our features including, Constant Light Technology, allowing your Ledlenser product to produce higher light output for an extended period of time.


When using your product’s High-Power Mode over a sustained period, you may experience that the product itself feels warmer to the touch and this temperature will remain as long as the light is in use. This is due to the product omitting a higher lumen output over an extended period of time. If you do not require the highest lumen output reduce to either mid-power or low-power and this will decrease the temperature being emitted.


This increase in temperate is completely normal and your product will not exceed a safe temperature and therefore will not burn your skin. We have developed Temperature Control Technology, to ensure that your LED light will not overheat internally or externally - protecting the integrity of your Ledlenser product.

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