Does Festo offer pneumatic grippers for handling applications?

Company: festo

Yes, Festo offers a wide range of grippers for pneumatic solutions, catering to various industrial automation tasks, including pick-and-place operations, assembly processes, and handling tasks. Their gripper portfolio is designed to meet diverse application requirements, such as gripping force, size, and material compatibility, ensuring that there is a suitable solution for almost any task involving automated picking, holding, or moving of objects.

Among the types of pneumatic grippers Festo provides are:

Parallel Grippers: These grippers have jaws that move in parallel to each other to grip an object. They are versatile and can handle a wide range of part sizes and shapes. Parallel grippers are commonly used in applications where precision and reliability are critical.

Angular Grippers: Angular grippers have jaws that pivot, allowing them to grip parts from the side. This type of gripper is often used in tight spaces where a straight-on approach is not possible.

Bellows Grippers: These are used for delicate or irregular-shaped objects. The bellows expand to grip the object gently, making them ideal for handling fragile items.

Adaptive Grippers: These grippers can adjust their gripping force and shape to handle a wide variety of object sizes, shapes, and weights, making them highly versatile for applications with varying requirements.

Festo's grippers are known for their durability, precision, and efficiency, enhancing productivity in automated systems. They also offer customization options to fit specific application needs, such as grippers with sensors for position feedback or those made from materials compatible with specific environmental conditions (e.g., food-grade materials for processing and packaging applications). For detailed specifications, configurations, and applications, it's best to consult Festo's product catalogue or website, as they continually update and expand their product offerings to meet the evolving needs of industry automation.

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