What specific products does Festo offer?

Company: festo

Festo offers a wide range of specific products across various categories in pneumatic automation. Here's a breakdown of some of their key product offerings:

Pneumatic Actuators:

Festo provides a diverse range of pneumatic actuators, including:

Pneumatic cylinders: Standard cylinders, compact cylinders, rodless cylinders, guided cylinders, and specialized cylinders for specific applications.

Rotary actuators: Rotary vane actuators, rack-and-pinion actuators, swivel modules, and rotary indexing tables.

Pneumatic Valves:

Festo offers a comprehensive selection of pneumatic valves for controlling the flow of compressed air, including:

Directional control valves: Solenoid valves, manually operated valves, mechanically operated valves, and air-piloted valves.

Proportional valves: Proportional directional control valves and proportional pressure control valves.

Safety valves: Pressure relief valves and emergency shutdown valves.

Process valves: Ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, and diaphragm valves.

Pneumatic Fittings and Tubing:

Festo provides a wide array of pneumatic fittings, tubing, and connectors, including:

Push-in fittings: One-touch fittings, quick connectors, threaded fittings, and tube-to-tube fittings.

Tubing: Polyurethane tubing, nylon tubing, fluoropolymer tubing, and various accessories such as tubing cutters and tube clamps.

Pneumatic Control Systems:

Festo offers pneumatic control systems and components for automation and process control, such as:

Valve terminals: Modular valve terminals, multipin valve terminals, and compact valve terminals.

Pneumatic controllers: Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), fieldbus systems (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT), and pneumatic positioning systems.

Pneumatic Grippers and Handling Systems:

Festo provides a range of pneumatic grippers and handling systems for robotic automation and material handling applications, including:

Parallel grippers, angular grippers, three-finger grippers, and special-purpose grippers.

Linear gantry systems, rotary indexing tables, pick-and-place units, and vacuum gripping systems.

Pneumatic Process Automation:

Festo offers pneumatic components and systems tailored for process automation applications, such as:

Control valves: Globe valves, angle valves, and diaphragm valves for precise control of process fluids.

Positioners: Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners for accurate valve positioning and control.

Pneumatic Sensors and Accessories:

Festo provides a range of sensors and accessories to complement their pneumatic products, including:

Position sensors: Cylinder position sensors, proximity sensors, and magnetic field sensors.

Accessories: Air preparation units (filters, regulators, lubricators), shock absorbers, flow control valves, and pressure switches.

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