How do I select an inductive proximity sensor?

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Answered by: Shane Jaconelli, RS components

1. Check what space you have available.


2. Make sure the shape you prefer has the sensing range you need to detect the object.


3. Double-check surrounding objects won’t interfere with the sensor’s operation. If so, then you may need to change it from a non-shielded to a shielded version.


4. Decide what connection type you need. Your options are connector, cable, conduit entry or terminal block.


5. Select the version with the correct power supply for your equipment, such as AC/DC.


6. Select the output type required by the load, such as PNP, NPN, N.O/N.C. NAMUR, IO-link, etc.


7. Consider any other special or legal requirements such as explosive area, water, dust, temperature, vibration, chemicals, etc.


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