How do I wire the XU2S18PP340L5 sensors to the safety controller XPSMCM?

Company: Schneider Telemecanique
Using XU2S18PP340 photocells with the XPSMCM safety controller isn’t possible. Legally, the XU2S18PP340 is declared type-2 light curtain when it’s combined to the XPSCM1144 monitoring relay (EC-type examination for both components). 
Technically, the XPSMCM safety controller can be used with a complete and certified safety curtain type-2 or type-4, like the XUSL2E or XUSL4E. The compact XUSL2E light curtain is equivalent to using the XU2S18PP340 photocells with the XPSCM1144 unit, with the addition of a muting relay like the XPSLCMUT1160 unit, or the safety controller XPSMCMCP0802, in case you need a muting function.

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