How can I use the muting function on the XPSLCMUT1160 muting relay?

Company: Schneider Telemecanique
The muting enable function (terminal 11) of the XPSLCMUT1160 muting relay for XUSL2E or XUSL4E light curtains allows it to be used like a simple safety relay by deactivating the muting function for some machine operations. This is possible by terminal 11 disconnection from the 24vDC power supply through a key selector switch with key withdrawal in both stable positions, for example.
In this case, the muting sensors have to stay supplied as in the complete muting function. The start interlock function (S3 button) makes a self-check, including the muting sensors and the muting lamp, even if ‘muting enable’ isn’t connected to the 24vDC. When it’s de-activated, the sensors operate, but don’t automatically inhibit the safety beams of the light curtain. 
The attached diagram shows the solution with the key selector switch to have both operations, with or without the muting function.

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