What is part number ZCKJ533H29 and how do I replace it?

Company: Schneider Telemecanique
ZCKJ533H29 is the contact body ZCKJ5H29 with the front cover of ZCKZ033, which is the XCKJ limit switch cover, plus an indicator light module, which has two neon lights that are 110V-120V AC.
ZCKJ533H29 has been discontinued since 2014 and is replaced by the contact body ZCKJ534H29. This is a ZCKJ5H29 that has the ZCKZ034 cover, plus an indicator light module, with two LEDs, 110-240V AC. This alternative was discontinued on 8th December 2020. At this time there isn’t an exact alternative, so please contact your local stockist for possible suggestions based on your application needs. 

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